Kids Program

Believing in yourself starts early! At United Studios of Self Defense, we work hard to make your child’s first experience with the Martial Arts a safe and productive one. Young people must have personal goals and a caring support system to make their dreams a reality.
We will help your child become a strong and productive member of society armed with character, strong self-discipline, and a healthy self-image.

It’s never too early…Our children’s program is geared around the 3 F’s: Focus, Fitness, and Fun!

Our unique belt-earning strategy is grounded in a positive reinforcement system that allows each child to set and attain short, mid, and long-term goals.
The goals that we set with each child are three-fold:

  1. Physical – Improvement in balance, strength and conditioning, and precision
  2. Mental – Improvement in focus, creative thinking, and memory
  3. Emotional – Improvement in discipline, confidence, determination, and respect

Progress through our belts is built on predetermined improvement in all of these areas. Goals are individually created for each child based upon his/her needs, and recommendations to test for the next rank are based upon these goals. The goals are not limited to martial arts, but also include respect, focus, and following directions outside of our studio.

Our experience has shown that children that have enrolled in our martial arts training program have seen an improvement in their other sports, their academics, and other activities, as well as reduced the likelihood of them being a target of bullying.

Your Role as a Parent – Here are some important tips that will help your child get the most out of our Martial Arts Education Program:

  • Make sure you child does attend class regularly. Children adjust to consistency. If taking a class becomes an option and is not a priority, they will not adjust well. If a child is going to miss a class for any reason, call our studio so your child’s instructor can establish alternative arrangements.
  • Monitor your child’s progress. Your child should, by regular attendance of classes and diligent practice, progress at a steady pace. Please inform your child’s instructor if they begin to be challenged by any of their material. We see our studio as a part of the team that is working to help your child to become the best they can possibly be. If your child is having any difficulties in any area of their Martial Arts, school or home lives, please let us know. United Studios is always committed to help in any way we can.
  • Keep track of when the next Promotion is scheduled to take place. This way, you can help prepare your child to meet the necessary requirements for advancement. United Studios’ Instructors are dedicated to assisting students who require extra help sessions.
  • Support your child in their Martial Arts Training. They will develop faster when they feel you are supporting them. Your child wants to do well and your support will show them that you are proud of their efforts.

Our students develop a range of skills that enable them to succeed in all areas of life. This is particularly important for children, who need the guidance and support of parents and others to develop the skills they need to become capable and balanced adults.

In the USSD Martial Arts program, kids will improve:

  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Concentration Skills
  • Self-Control
  • Respect for themselves & others

All of this is achieved in an environment where the camaraderie created by shared challenges creates a sense of trust and recognition of individual achievement. Students advance at their own pace, without the pressure that is often such a part of team sports.

The practice of Martial Arts, when done properly and under the guidance of a professional USSD Instructor, is safer than most school sports. It is a workout routine that improves focus and self-discipline, developing the mind as well as the body. Students learn to control themselves and to respect others, which naturally leads to a respect for self. This benefit often carries over into school, helping to not only improve behavior, but academic performance.

Students learn how to use their energy in a positive manner and not to be aggressive towards others. Experts agree that, rather than promoting violence, Martial Arts open the door to building a solid foundation of self-confidence and a healthy sense of self-worth. The core philosophy of USSD Martial Arts training is non-violence. Our training enables students to respond in a calm and controlled way that will stop, rather than escalate violence, should violence be unavoidable


Children’s Program

Believing in yourself starts early! At United Studios of Self Defense, we work hard to make your child’s first experience with the Martial Arts a safe and productive one. Young people must have personal goals and a caring support system to make their dreams a reality.

We will help your child become a strong and productive member of society armed with character, strong self-discipline, and a healthy self-image.


Teenage Program

Our Teenage Program focuses on the skills needed to best prepare and excel in their college experience. With the increasing number of college applications submitted each year, colleges are looking more to the extracurricular activities and achievements for basis of acceptance of academically similar applications. With a martial arts training program, students not only further develop the physical and mental skills useful in a college environment, but they also learn and develop one of the most effective self defense systems around today.

Belt / Rank System

One of the most exciting experiences of your Martial Arts training is rank testing for your next colored belt. This is an earned opportunity that is scheduled and based on your continuous growth and development in the Martial Arts.

Although colored belt ranks may appear to be the same within the various disciplines and styles of Martial Arts, United Studios of Self Defense has structured a system of required material outline for each belt rank. This structure will ensure you are continuously expanding your skills and gaining the necessary physical and mental principles towards your next belt rank.


is the color of innocence. The White Belt symbolizes one whose mind and spirit are “blank”; one who knows little or nothing about the Martial Arts. It is the color of the beginner.


is the color of the sun as well as the color of light and new riches. The Yellow Belt indicates that the light of a new day has begun to shine. It is the color of learning.


is also the color of the sun, but at its zenith. The Orange Belt indicates the first flash of day has matured; on whose skill and understanding are reaching new heights.


is the color of courage. The Purple Belt symbolizes that a student has started to unite mind, body and spirit


is the color of the sky and ocean. The Blue Belt symbolizes that a student’s aspirations have begun to expand to new horizons.


is the color of growth, grass and forests. The Green Belts symbolizes that the student has begun to absorb the light and started to blossom and bear fruit.


is the color of earth and solidity. The Brown Belt indicates ones techniques have become competent, the mind is fertile and the spirit is formed.


is the fusion of all colors. The Black Belt indicates one has gained all the traits of characterized skill necessary to surpass obstacles encountered on the “first day of the way.” Black is the color of night. It shows that the first “day” is over and that a new day is coming. The student’s journey has not ended, but merely begun.



  • 4 weeks of martial art training

  • 4 30-minute private lessons (1/week)

  • 12 1-hour group lessons (3/week)

  • Uniform included


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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced martial artist, United Studios of Self Defense has a program to fit your needs. Men, women and children of all ages and professions participate in our Private and Group Training Programs.

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